Angel or Sin

“”And when I entered there
I saw a place full of blood
I saw people with lust on their faces
I saw people fighting
I saw people worshiping the their greed
I saw people forgetting the holly love
I saw people making their inner sin happy
I saw them forgetting me””

Angel complained to god,
But at that moment
God explained her,
Maybe you have a pure heart
They don’t have
But my angel
You have to understand one thing
There are always two parts of things
You have to understand you can’t  be anywhere without sin,
If there is sunrise then there will be sunset too.
If there is love then there should be lust.
All this things balance each other
This world can not to be too cruel or can not be too good enough
And all human beings have to live with this truth that they have angel and sin both inside their heart.
Its upon them whom they choose
They choose red blood over their red heart
Or hear you(angel) over sin.